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MUSIC AND MOVEMENT: CLUB Indian Clubs swinging collaboration with Monica Boldt

It's pretty incredible how modern technology allows us the ability to connect and collaborate with friends from afar. Monica lives in Texas, and I'm here in Connecticut. Our mutual love for music and club swinging prompted the idea of creating a series of club swinging sequences to music.

Music and movement are powerful sources of nutrition and healing for improved health. 2020 into 2021 has brought about unprecedented challenges. At this rate, the fatigue has all but set in and we are collectively exhausted. Though some days are easier than others, there's no doubt that we long for a return to normalcy (whatever that means).

I've always been fascinated by how the training tools we choose to use can become a seamless extension of the body. There's something innate about circular patterns. Creating a series of circles and spirals around the body is a form of restorative strength. Crossing the mid-line of the body, movement throughout all planes of motion while challenging dexterity and coordination...Add in the accompaniment of music and you've got a recipe for feeling good!

Monica and I organized a suggestion playlist made up of our favorite songs; expressing our similarities and differences. We created a series of 6 sequences, alternating between single club and double club patterns incorporating some foot work. Stay tuned for additional information! The program will be added to our websites in the coming days and will be available for purchase February 15th

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